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WEMTA requested state treasurer candidate questionnaire

State Treasurer Candidate Questionnaire

The Office of State Treasurer is extremely important to the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association (WEMTA) and the school library community because of their role on the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL). One of the funds overseen by BCPL Commissioners is the Common School Fund. Established by the Wisconsin State Constitution in 1848, the Common School Fund is the only dedicated source of K-12 school library funding in Wisconsin. Common School Fund disbursements provided to school libraries by the BCPL are used to purchase books, newspapers, periodicals, web-based resources and other library materials - including computers and related software.
Please complete the following questionnaire and return it to WEMTA President Michele Green by July 12. Your responses will be shared with WEMTA members and on public platforms.

1. What is your position on restoring the state treasurer’s duties?

I am a conservative Republican with common sense, who wants to bring back the auditing function to the office. Helping to restore accountability in government.

I pledge to work with Madison lawmakers to help them fix the broken office of State Treasurer. The office has slowly been dismantled over the past 20 years, but voters rejected its elimination this spring. Now it will take some time to make the office functional again.

2. What do you believe the role of the state treasurer is in relation to public education in Wisconsin?

I believe the state treasurer should be an advocate for public education by helping to provide the best return possible with the BCPL funds.

3. Legislation introduced during the 2017-18 legislative session would have eliminated the requirement that Common School Fund distributions be given to school libraries. What is your position on this proposal?

I believe the Common School Fund distributions should continue to go to schools. However, school boards should be allowed to apply for permission to allocate some of the funds to other specific school needs from time to time, such as school safety improvements. The local school boards have direct oversight and are in the best place to see what needs can best be filled with these funds.

4. Legislation introduced during the 2017-18 legislative session would have ended the BCPL Trust Fund Loan Program. What is your position on this proposal?

I believe the BCPL should be striving to get the best possible returns for the trust funds. If making loans at competitive rates to bank rate loans or other public funding sources accomplishes this goal, then the BCPL Trust Fund Loan Program should continue.

5. How will you ensure that the Common School Fund and other BCPL trust funds are receiving all required deposits from fines, fees and forfeitures and other constitutionally required funding streams?

I want to bring back the auditing function to the Treasurer's office. Only through doing audits will this ensure that all required deposits and other required funding streams make it to the BCPL trust funds, helping to restore accountability in government.

6. What issues or policies will you prioritize if elected? is a wonderful site into state expenditures. It should be expanded to include municipalities and schools. The more open we are with all tax dollars expenditures the better.

Committee: JILL MILLIES for Wisconsin Treasurer, Dan Millies Treasurer
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