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The Courier-Wedge, Durand, WI requested state treasurer candidate questionnaire

The Courier-Wedge, Durand, WI candidates questionnaire

1) What credentials do you have that make you qualified to be Wisconsin State Treasurer?

I am a conservative Republican who has accounting experience and decades of management to include The Flower Shoppe in Menomonee Falls and Buds 'N Blum in Milwaukee. This has given me the tools to be an effective manager, communicator and fiscally conservative.

2) Between 1995 and 2013, the State Legislature passed and the Governor has signed a number of laws transferring responsibilities away from the Office of the State Treasurer to departments with heads appointed by the Governor. Has any specific harm to the State of Wisconsin or to its taxpayers resulted? If yes, give specific examples and outline what you will do about it; if no, what should be the agenda of the State Treasurer’s Office.

No harm was done to Wisconsin or its taxpayers as a result of these changes, but the new agenda should be in reshaping the office into an auditing office. These duties can be transferred from the legislator to the treasurers office resulting in no additional cost to taxpayers and will help restore accountability in government.

3) Has there been any real savings of taxpayer’s dollars as a result of the elimination of the only three staff members by State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk in February, 2015? If so, explain how.

Yes, there have been savings. The reduction in staff was necessary because their duties were transferred to other agencies where it could be preformed more efficiently. The reduction of a deputy state treasurer saves over $78,369.00 annually in salary plus benefits alone.

4) Will you also give back 25% of the $69,936 State Treasurer’s salary as did Adamczyk; if not, explain why and tell us how you would structure/use the State Treasurer’s Office.

The voters rejected eliminating the Treasurer's Office and wish for it to remain. If the duties of the Treasurer do not change, I will give 25% of my salary after taxes to charities of my choosing such as Wisconsin school teachers for school supplies & safety or Disabled American Vets.

If elected as Treasurer, I will be one of three votes on the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands. I will vote to reduce the 77,000 acres of land it currently owns and manages. Putting some of this land back on the property tax roles would be beneficial to all Wisconsin residents. is a wonderful site into state expenditures. It is where I found the deputy state treasurer salary from 2014. It should be expanded to include municipalities and schools. The more open we are with all tax dollar expenditures the better.


Jill K. Millies for WI State Treasurer

Committee: JILL MILLIES for Wisconsin Treasurer, Dan Millies Treasurer
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